Corruption now days it biggest threat to the world as it becomes a big monster which ever ready to hurt poor and honest peoples. Its very poor thing that we all involved in this so called corruption at small or large level.

What is Corruption:-

When on behalf a service someone demands anything extra from us or when we give anything (in any means) to someone illegally for a service is called corruption, which is in Faison now days.

 Reasons for so much corruption

This so called corruption starts with our life, when we had to become successful, when we want to leave our dreams these brokers of corruption starts seeding corruption in our mined at every step they even never let us to choose correct path to honesty.

When we found of a job, it doesn’t matter how much we educated or talented jobs availability for us depends how much we are give donation to institute or company for education because it also matters that from which university or college we passed out. There is no value of education they only value the money, even for getting a job we have to pay to HR or Recruiting officers.

Corruption at lower level

At lower level there is hues racket of corruption running out, for every small small services we have to pay out extra to the person who execute that thing or service for examp (if i have waiting list in train then i have to pay extra from chalan to TC for seat which already available due to another passenger not boarded there.

Friends corruption is everywhere,,,, so we have to come together and fight against it ……………..\


Chalo ik masal jalaen or aage baddte jaen na khud corruption krain na kisi ko karne de ,,,,,,,,,,,,


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